Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is easily reachable by car, train, and plane. Mainz University is a campus university, and as such it is integrated into the Mainz public transport network. The campus itself has multiple bus stops for various locations on campus.

1. By train and / or bus

The City of Mainz has one main and multiple other train stations. Schedule information is provided by Deutsche Bahn. The easiest way to come to Mainz University is to take one of the following bus lines from Mainz Main Station ("Hauptbahnhof").
The following lines serve the university from the main station:

6 (towards Münchfeld/Gonsenheim)
51 (towards Lerchenberg)
53 (towards Lerchenberg)
54 (towards Klein-Winternheim)
55 (towards Finthen)
56 (towards Finthen/Wackernheim)
57 (towards Bretzenheim)
59 (towards Hochschule Mainz)
64 (towards Hartenberg)
65 (towards Hartenberg)
68 (towards Budenheim)
75 (towards Schwabenheim/Ingelheim)
90 (towards Finthen)
91 (towards Lerchenberg)
650 (towards Sprendlingen)

We would recommend using the tram lines 51, 53, and 59, all of which stop directly at the main entrance to the campus.

Line 78 leaves from the "Universität I" bus stop and crosses the campus with the following stops:

  • Johannes-von-Müller-Weg
  • Colonel-Kleinmann-Weg
  • Hanns-Dieter-Hüsch-Weg
  • Staudingerweg
  • Duesbergweg

To get to the chair of public and behavioral economics take any of the lines listed above and get off at the “Universität“ stop, which, coming from the central station, is the second stop. From there it is just a short walk right through the university main entrance to Jakob Welder Weg 4, you can download a map here. Our offices are on the second floor.

For the journey from the Mainz main station to the Universität stop, you can buy a short hop ticket known as a Kurzstrecken-Ticket in German. It is cheaper than a normal ticket and can be purchased from the bus driver or from a ticket machine. You can find additional information online on the website of the Mainz public transport operator, the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund.

2. By car


From the west (i.e. from direction Bonn/Cologne)

• Travel autobahn A 60 crossing "Autobahn-Dreieck Mainz" direction Darmstadt.
• Leave autobahn A 60 at exit "Mainz-Finthen".
• Follow the street sign "Saarstraße/Innenstadt" straight ahead through the traffic circle "Europaplatz".
• Take exit "Universität".


From the east (i.e. from direction Würzburg/Darmstadt)
• Travel autobahn A 60 crossing "Autobahn-Dreieck Rüsselsheim" OR travel autobahn A 63 crossing "Autobahnkreuz Mainz" to get to autobahn A 60 direction Bingen.
• Leave autobahn A 60 at exit "Mainz-Finthen".
• Follow the street sign "Saarstraße/Innenstadt" straight ahead through the traffic circle "Europaplatz".
• Take exit "Universität".

From the north (i.e. from direction Kassel)
• Follow autobahn A 66.
• At "Schiersteiner Kreuz" change to autobahn A 643 direction Mainz.
• Follow autobahn A 643 to "Autobahn-Dreieck Mainz" and change here to autobahn A 60 direction Darmstadt.
• Leave autobahn A 60 at exit "Mainz-Finthen".
• Follow the street sign "Saarstraße/Innenstadt" straight ahead through the traffic circle "Europaplatz".
• Take exit "Universität".

Parking on campus is available only with special permission. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a special permit. Please see the attached site plan for parking in the nearest vicinity of the campus. Parking is also available at the near-by football stadium, which is about 200 meters from the University’s main entrance, marked out approximately by the flashing circle, here (top right corner).


3. By plane

There are two airports near Mainz:

  • Airport Frankfurt/Main
    - train (EC, ICE, IC, RE, RB) or S-Bahn (line S8) transit from Frankfurt/Main to Mainz main station
    - duration: 30-40 minutes
    - ticket price: 4-8 € (depending on the train)
    - for schedule information see
    Deutsche Bahn
  • Airport Frankfurt-Hahn (Hunsrück)
    - bus transfer to Mainz main station: ORN from terminal 3 (leaves Frankfurt-Hahn every 3 hours)
    - duration: 90 minutes
    - ticket price: approx.
    10 €
    - for schedule information see ORN 
    Car route from Frankfurt-Hahn to Mainz:
    - Take highway B 50 to get to autobahn A 61, on-ramp "Rheinböllen" direction "Ludwigshafen".
    - At "Dreieck Nahetal" change to autobahn A 60 direction Mainz.
    - Leave autobahn A 60 at exit "Saarstraße".