Seminar Public Economics

Instructors: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Schunk
Shortname: HS: Publ Eco
Course No.: 03.897.2949
Course Type: Hauptseminar

Requirements / organisational issues

Topic: Markets and Morals  
In this seminar, we will analyze what drives (or erodes) moral behavior in different market settings. We will take a behavioral economics perspective and use recent insights from behavioral and experimental economics for improving our understanding of the role of pro- and antisocial behavior in markets for credence and experience goods as well as labor markets.

Each student has to submit an individual seminar paper on his or her assigned topic (topic A). In addition, each student has to read the seminar paper of another student (topic B). In our seminar each student is expected to deliver a presentation on his/her own term paper (topic A) and to prepare a small presentation that discuss the topic of another student (topic B). The final version of the seminar paper is due 10 days after the seminar.

It is strongly recommended that students have prior knowledge in Behavioral Economics, e.g. based on the MIEPP course in Behavioral Economics.

Important Dates:
First Meeting: 26.04. 13-14 Uhr, RW 6
Seminar with presentations: 29.6 und 30.6, rote Infobox.

Recommended reading list

Basic Literature:

  1. Bartling, B., Weber, R. A., & Yao, L. (2015). Do markets erode social responsibility?. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 130(1), 219-266.
  2. Dulleck, U., & Kerschbamer, R. (2006). On doctors, mechanics, and computer specialists: The economics of credence goods. Journal of Economic literature, 44(1), 5-42.
  3. Falk, A., & Szech, N. (2013). Morals and markets. Science, 340(6133), 707-711.
  4. Kerschbamer, R., Sutter, M., & Dulleck, U. (2016). How social preferences shape incentives in (experimental) markets for credence goods. The Economic Journal.



Date (Day of the week) Time Location
04/26/2017 (Wednesday) 13:00 - 14:00 01 130 RW 6
1226 - Haus Recht und Wirtschaft I
06/29/2017 (Thursday) 09:00 - 18:00 rote Infobox, neben dem ReWi I Gebäude
06/30/2017 (Friday) 09:00 - 16:00 rote Infobox, neben dem ReWi I Gebäude